The fighting monk is a unique fighter in Stronghold 2.


"Armed with a staff, these monks protect his faith and church fanatically. They are recruited in a monastery for little gold and honor. They perform very well in close combat and in masses they steamroll over buildings and opposing units. Still, they are not that durable and armored units or missile units will dispatch them easily."


Fighting monks are a rare sighting because of the monastery's in-availability for most of the game. When the sufficient rank is reached, they can serve as a good defense for a reasonably low price. They move very fast and therefore they can be used to strike the enemy at their weakest point, however they will stand less chance than warrior monks. Still, their low honor requirement makes them more affordable and masses of fighting monks can be easily hired, if backed with a smooth-running economy.

The AI lords do not use the monastery and therefore fighting monks do not appear in their ranks during Kingmaker games.


For the quotes of the fighting monk, see: Quotes:Fighting Monk.


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