Here are the quotes of the fighting monk.

Quotes in Stronghold 2

Action Quote Sound

What do you want?

You want our help?

We have faith.

Can we help you?

We are by your side.

We are the brothers.

Your orders?

What would you have us do?

Remember, we are men of peace.

We will prey.


With God's speed!


We march.

Off we go!

In God's name!

Let us go, brothers!

Make haste!

With hope in our hearts!

The brothers leave.

Let us depart.

Invalid location A perplexing order.
Marching Pilgrimage?
Aggressive stance We'll crack some heads.
Defensive stance We'll defend this ground.
Stand ground None but the Lord shall pass!
Patrolling What a wearisome task!
Open formation

Let us spread out.

Defensive knot Gather together, brothers.
Column formation We will form a file.
Line formation Face the enemy!
Filling in moat

A little manual labour never hurt anyone!

Verily, the moat?

I'd rather have a drink.

Manning rock basket I will throw the first stone.
Manning walls Brothers, to the walls!
Disband We return to contemplate.
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