Fire is the presence of flames in a concentrated area as a result of enemy activity, pitch ditches, or scripted events that trigger or occur periodically.


A certain area or wooden buildings can be set on flames. Buildings can be set on fire by igniting nearby pitch ditches, spreading boiling oil, the torch from a slave, a grenade from a fire thrower, or a fire ballista's fiery bolt if the building is very low on health. Extended fire may spread on other buildings and locations, with ember sparking up from the source of the heat.

The only way to counter fires is to build either wells or water pots, from which waterboys will draw water to throw at it in bucketfuls. Tight building arrays are more vulnerable to fire, since multiple connected buildings can catch fire at the same time.

Fires can also occur during a random event, in which one or more buildings catch fire in various locations. In missions containing this event, it is recommended that buildings are placed far from each other and/or the castle is covered well by water containers so fires can be put out very swiftly.

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