The fire thrower is a unique Arabian unit hired from the mercenary post in Stronghold Crusader.


The fire thrower is a unique ranged troop, using grenades of Greek fire to set his surrounding alight from short range. He has an area attack, meaning that he can lob fire over walls and short towers, effectively attacking targets on the other side.

Fire throwers can light pitch ditches on fire without Braziers, and they can start a fire anywhere and keep it going indefinitely. Certain landscape features (notably bushy shrubs) can be set alight, although their number is not usually great enough or in a place that can be manipulated in a defensive or offensive manner. The throwers themselves have high resistance to fire, allowing them to safely move through flames.

While very effective on the ground, they prove very bad against elevated targets: they cannot damage units on towers or walls as their grenades bounce back (fire will still spread where they land). Furthermore, their low speed, short range and high cost make them suitable rather for defensive purposes.


Fire throwers require good castle and economy in order to be effective defensive troops. Their potent flames and unpredictable firing can easily destroy your castle from the inside if not properly controlled. They operate most effectively on towers and walls, particularly on lookout towers. It is also worth noting that while manning the walls they are very potent against Assassins,since if the assassins that are trying to climb the walls are attacked by a Fire thrower,they will continue to take fire damage while climbing and are very unlikely to survive.

Fire throwers are able to light pitch ditches on fire, so they can be used to clear out enemy pitch ditches to establish a safe path to friendly troops. Portable shields are always recommended to protect them from projectiles due to their huge gold cost and vulnerability to missiles.


  • Fire throwers move to their assembly point much faster than normally. This tactic can be used to gain an upper edge during combat and positioning.


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