A fire ballista is a siege weapon introduced in Stronghold Crusader, and re-appears in Stronghold 2 , Stronghold Legends and Stronghold Crusader 2.

Description[edit | edit source]

Similar to the tower ballista, its bolt deals tremendous damage, taking out armored troops with only a few hits. Its flaming arrow also causes significant damage to buildings, which can be set on fire when damaged enough.

Fire ballistae track movement, so they are very reliable and fire with a high rate of fire.

In Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends, portable fire ballistae do not fire automatically. Their target must be manually assigned, even when set on 'aggressive stance', so they are more useful for offense purposes rather than defense. Tower ballistae retained automatic fire, however.

Tactics[edit | edit source]


Fire Balista vs Balistae SHC

The fire ballista fires flaming bolts, meaning that it can easily set fire to a whole fortress if it sets ablaze to a building inside it. Some players, before lighting up a castle, usually take care of the wells to be sure nothing will put out the fire.

Stone buildings tend to not spread fire, instead buildings out of wood light up more easily. When using Balistas to set buildings on fire it is recommended (when possible) for the player to manually take care of the health of the target, as each shot lowers the health of the building so it taking too much damage can result in the building not spreading fire.

Fire ballistae can be used as a efficient castle defense, when placed near the walls to take out any siege machines and advancing armored troops. For this purpose one Fire Balista can give high milage when keeping swordsmen out.

A large force of fire ballistae can be difficult to beat, the main thing that should be done is keeping out their visual range (hiding behind walls, large rocks) and attacking with fast infantry (macemen or knights are good). The best defense against fire ballistae are towers filled with crossbowmen, catapults, or another fire ballistae (fight fire with fire). Regular Balistae work great and outrange their fire counterparts and actually beat the fire version one on one (assuming no player intervention).

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