Fire Drake
General Information
Available in Stronghold Legends
Usage Defensive purposes
Cost 100 gold

The fire drake is an evil creature in Stronghold Legends.


The drake is a fiery creature locked in a cage. It is placed on open wall sections. The drake sprays fire on units that come near in a wide spread, lighting up the ground and causing high damage.


The drake is solely used as a passive defense structure. It can damage attackers attempting to scale the walls, but laddermen may often set up their ladders before burning to death. However, when pitch ditches are spread out in front of the wall, the drake will light it up when attacking, creating a death zone. Armored troops however have little trouble with fire, thus they may easily pass through the flames.

The fire drake, like the ice mirror, is useless against siege engines, which can destroy wall segments from distance. The frost giant can also bash the wall with its mighty mace while taking little damage.

The fire drake is available for the Evil faction.

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