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The fire lancer is a frontline gunpowder unit in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


The fire lancer is a close-combat unit, who wields a wooden lance, with a satchel full of gunpowder attached close to the tip. When fired, the lance combusts its ammunition, creating a highly damaging fiery beam in short range. The lance must be reloaded between shots.

The fire lancer is trained at the military academy.


Due to its linear attack, the fire lancer is best used against lined-up units who are closing in on his position. Capable of dealing huge damage over time, the incendiary beam can make short work against melee units and buildings, making the lancer ideal against ladder attacks.

As the fire lancer can only attack up-close, it is advised to keep him out of firing range of ranged units and turrets.

Weaknesses Edit

The fire lancer has an effective short range, which puts them in danger until they reach their destination or the target comes near. This downtime allows the enemy to concentrate volleys from ranged units with superior range, such as archers or siege engines.

When the fire lancer exhausted his ammunition, he must spend precious time to reload his weapon. During this, the enemy can easily close in and overrun the unit with impunity.

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