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The fire ox is a frontline demolitionist unit in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


Fire oxen are explosive-laden cattle, maddened by the heat of war and having their tail set on fire. When one contacts its target or is shot down, it explodes, knocking back and damaging units in a large area, as well as leaving a patch of fire.


Much like the burning cart from other Stronghold games, the fire ox is an area of effect suicide unit that can quickly deal large damage in a concentrated area. Consequently, it is best used against clumped up units, regardless of their durability, as the knockback power can cause enemy formations to break. The fire caused by the explosion is useful to start fires near enemy buildings or gunpowder traps.

Due to its frail nature, the fire ox should be used as a shock unit to lead surprise attacks against unsuspecting foes. Oxen should strike out from defensible positions, where they cannot be eliminated from range.

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