Friar Jacob is a kind-hearted priest, who was Matthew Steele's caretaker, when he was small. He has a small community of monks in a riverside and completes missions serving the good and the almighty God.


He appears in the first half of the Path of War, trying to aid Steele in his missions. He is first seen when Matthew travels to his monastery to establish a foothold. He gives a flock of sheep in return when Steele provides raw materials for his monks to complete a bridge over the nearby river. He also sends a small reinforcement of warrior monks when Matthew disposes of bears terrorizing his mainland. Eventually Jacob is able to send an expedition to recover an important Holy Relic.

Unfortunately, although his men successfully recover the Relic, they are trapped in a small peninsula by wolves. Matthew has to send them reinforcements and clear out the wolves to complete their mission. Jacob then stays by Matthew's side and provides him with reinforcements.

After a while, Jacob returns home only to recognize Olaf Grimtooth's settlement and his monastery crumbled. He begs Matthew for help, who obviously decides to avenge Olaf. The Viking leader flees from Steele's attacking army, leaving most of the monastery's treasures and his humble fort behind. Jacob then decides to rebuild the monastery with the help of Grey and Steele. He is not seen in the rest of the campaign.

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