Action Quote Sound

I want to fight!



I hunger for blood!

You would command me?!

What do you want?

Let me fight.

What is it?


I smell trouble.


What is it this time?

Yes, little one?

How is it that I ended up answering to "you"?

Give me my orders, little man!

Frost giant s1
Frost giant s2
Frost giant s3
Frost giant s4
Frost giant s5
Frost giant s6
Frost giant s7
Frost giant s8
Frost giant s9
Frost giant s10
Frost Giant S11
Frost Giant S12
Frost Giant S13
Frost Giant S14
Frost Giant S15

A small walk.

The giant shall go to war!

Take me to the enemy.

Where do I fight?

I move.

Give me some heads to crush!

I have a taste for blood.

A good day to kill.

Fee-fi-fo-fu... forget it... that's a stupid thing to say.

Show me my foe!

Frost giant m1
Frost giant m2
Frost giant m3
Frost giant m4
Frost giant m5
Frost giant m6
Frost giant m7
Frost giant m8
Frost giant m9
Frost giant m10
Invalid location Not even I can reach there.
Frost giant mc1
Marching That is nothing for me!
Frost giant ml1
New order Yes.
Frost giant new order
Filling in moat

That's not work for me!

I don't dig.

Get one of the little people to do it!

Frost giant moat1
Frost giant moat2
Frost giant moat3
Manning walls I go up.
Frost giant mw1

I'll crush them.

I'll grind their bones.

My club will smash them!

Hehm-hm, like little ants.

Like squashing grapes.

They will scatter like mice!

An icy death for them!

They won't know what hit them.

Who will identify their remains?

I'll step on their little heads.

Frost giant atkw1
Frost giant atkw2
Frost giant atkw3
Frost giant atkw4
Frost Giant ATKW5
Frost Giant ATKW6
Frost Giant ATKW7
Frost Giant ATKW8
Frost Giant ATKW9
Frost Giant ATKW10
Heavy target

I fear no one.

A mighty foe!

I go to face them.

To battle!

I will put them down for a long winter's nap!

They will meet an icy death.

Battle up!

Do you think they'll prefer the foot, or the club?

Hmhmhehe, fighting makes me... happy!

Is it wrong that I enjoy killing so much?

There's nothing I'd rather do.

I smell blood.

Frost giant atks1
Frost giant atks2
Frost giant atks3
Frost giant atks4
Frost Giant ATKS5
Frost Giant ATKS6
Frost Giant ATKS7
Frost Giant ATKS8
Frost Giant ATKS9
Frost Giant ATKS10
Frost Giant ATKS11
Frost Giant ATKS12
Disband No!
Frost giant disband1
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