The frost giant is an ice unique unit in Stronghold Legends.


The giant is a blue-skinned humanoid with a large spiked club. He is incredibly strong and resistant against projectiles. He has two attacks: stomping on enemies and bashing his club on the ground, creating a shockwave that makes smaller enemies fly. He is also one of the units able to destroy walls and towers with a swipe of his trusty club.


Frost giants are massive and very strong, making them the perfect frontline unit, who can soak up damage from weaker units behind. Even four or five giants are enough to break through a seemingly massive blockade. Even if they die, they can pay enough time for friendly troops to catch up and start the real offense against a position.

Giants are very good for harassment, because they are just so strong that they can tank their way to the enemy buildings or units and cause high damage. Crucial buildings such as the granary and barracks are favourable targets for giants, although they may take some time to destroy.


Even though they sound impressive, they are very expensive and are weak to fire and long pelting from missile troops. They can also take heavy punishment from rolling logs, dragons and hardier units like swordsmen, werewolves and polar bears. A large group or army of pikemen is also sufficient for defending against frost giants.

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