General Information
Available in Stronghold 2
Usage Regulating troop movement, defensive structure
Cost 20 wood (wooden)

25 stone (small)
50 stone (large)
80 stone (main)


Variants made of stone have an upper level, which can be used by the castle's garrison, gaining range advantage.

Gatehouses may be passed through their entrances, but their upper level can only be entered from the side. Their door can be manually shut closed or open, however they automatically close whenever enemy units come very close. Gatehouses can rotate in four different positions: the banner on them shows the front side.

Bigger gatehouses are more expensive, but they are more durable and get additional features compared to their smaller versions, such as drawbridges. They can be repaired, just like towers.


Wooden gateEdit

The smallest gate and the only wooden entry point. This is very cheap to build and seals off attackers well, but it is easily destroyed. Moreover, it is the only gate that is vulnerable to melee units, as wooden buildings can be attacked by foot soldiers. Wooden gates cannot house garrisons, its sole purpose is to deny entry.

Small gatehouseEdit

This gatehouse is made of stone and is available fairly early in the game. It has small health and foundation, but it can station units atop and is invulnerable to foot soldiers.

Large gatehouseEdit

The large gatehouse is much bigger and stronger than the small version. Additionally, it is higher and has two "towers" to support more units. Its bars also take a lot of time to close and open.

Main Gate

The main gate is the grandest gatehouse of all. Not only it has the features of the large gatehouse, but this is the only structure with a drawbridge. This building can house the largest numbers of units and withstand the most attacks coming. It is accessible from walls built at the direct sides.

Sally PortEdit

The sally port is a gatehouse disguised as a triple thickness wall. Its barricade can be ordered to crumble, which reveals a passable entrance that can mostly be used in an attempt to sally forth. Once opened, it works as a small gatehouse.

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