Stone Gatehouse
General Information
Available in Stronghold

Stronghold Crusader

Usage Regulating troop movement, defensive structure
Cost 20 stone (large)

10 stone (small)


Gatehouses can be built in two directions depending on how the walls or buildings are laid out. Their gate can be manually shut closed or open, however they automatically close whenever enemy units come near.

A big number of units can be stationed on the top of a gatehouse, who can either enter from the ground or from the walls. Braziers can also be placed on it, further improving the combat capabilities of its defenders. The gate can be outfitted with a drawbridge for additional wood.

Gatehouses can be repaired to full health, just like towers. The repair cost is proportional to damage dealt: every 100 hp restore costs 1 stone.


Small stone gatehouseEdit

The small gatehouse is a moderately strong structure, which takes up an average-sized area. It can house around 25 units on its upper level. It has 1000 health and costs 10 stone to build. Repair cost is 1 stone / 100 health.

Large stone gatehouseEdit

The large gatehouse bears roughly the same attributes, but it can withstand more attacks and can have a bigger garrison. Its foundation requires a larger area as well. It can house around 40 units on its upper level. It has 2000 health and costs 20 stone to build.


  • Stronghold also features the Wooden Gate, which solely acts as an entry point, having no abilities to garrison units whatsoever. It also has a low amount of hitpoints.

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