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The general is a support armoured unit in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


The general is a high ranking officer outfitted in full body armour and a helmet, and carries a broadsword into battle. When deployed, he can motivate his troops in a large area, boosting their attack power. The general is an unusually strong unit, who is excellent in hand-to-hand combat as well, rivaling the Lord.

The general is trained at the military academy.


Inherently from his passive, the general is most suited for strengthening the combat efficiency of unit groups, them being either on the offense or the defense. While his movement is very slow, he is best suited for aiding slow formations that are comprised of mostly imperial swordsmen and other armoured units. When defending, he can be put into or behind a tower to facilitate taking out advancing enemy units easier, particularly with the help of ranged units.

Weaknesses Edit

The general is an expensive unit. While his combat characteristics are outstanding, not even he can withstand concentrated ranged attacks and strikes from melee attackers. Great care should be put into the defense of the general, or else his benefits are quickly lost.


  • The general is the spiritual successor of the sergeant-at-arms from Stronghold Crusader 2. Both troops are vastly identical, however the sergeant provides a defensive buff to his comrades and wields a pike instead of a sword.
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