The Genie (sometimes referred to as "The Voice of God") is a fictional figure.


The Genie is a mysterious entity, who makes no appearance. His voice is very deep and grave, and whispers now and again to relay information to the player or encourage them. He acts similar to an advisor, giving instructions for the player in certain situations, as well as for common functions in the "custom skirmish" menu. Witty and cold, the Genie is truly a memorable figure.

The Genie is featured first in Stronghold Crusader. His role is partially taken over by the voice of the engineer in Stronghold Legends, and relegated solely to announcing the leaderboard status of the player in Stronghold Crusader 2. His voice is different from Crusader, being more echoing and loud, while having lost the characteristic cold tone.


Action Quote Sound
"Round Table" is selected The round table.
Genie 01
Teams are changed in the Round Table The sides are drawn.
Genie 02
Opening the AI enemies menu Choose your adversary.
Genie 03
Changing teams in the Round Table

I pledge allegiance.

We'll be invincible.

A worthy ally.

Watch my back.


On my honour...

We rule.

Genie 04
Genie 05
Genie 06
Genie 07
Genie 08
Genie 09
Genie 10
Opening Allies menu during game Your allies.
Genie 11
Adding the Rat as ally Not the rodent...
Genie 13
Adding the Sultan as ally Ooohhh no...
Genie 14
Player standing on the leaderboard

You are the greatest lord.

You are the second greatest lord.

You are the third greatest lord.

You are the fourth greatest lord.

You are the fifth greatest lord.

You are the... sixth greatest lord!

You are the uh... seventh "greatest" lord!

You are the... heheh... heheh... the eighth greatest lord... heheh!

Genie 15
Genie 16
Genie 17
Genie 18
Genie 19
Genie 20
Genie 21
Genie 22
Enemy granary is destroyed Excellent!
Genie 23
Enemy armoury is destroyed Bravo.
Genie 24
Player ascends the leaderboard Your power grows.
Genie 25
Maximum army size is reached Your army is at its maximum size.
Genie 26
Close to maximum army size Your army is approaching its maximum size.
Genie 27
Won fight with high losses on both sides

A valiant effort.




A pyrrhic victory!


Genie 29
Genie 30
Genie 31
Genie 32
Genie 33
Genie 34
Enemy castle in desperate situation Once more unto the breach.
Genie 35
A tower/gate/cathedral gets destroyed Watch it crumble!
Genie 36
Won fight with high enemy losses

For the crown.


It's a rout.

Genie 37
Genie 38
Genie 39
Player leads for an extended period Feel the power!
Genie 40
Player loses most of their buildings Where's your castle?!
Genie 41
Lost fight with heavy casualties




Genie 42
Genie 43
Genie 44
Keep gets enclosed The keep is enclosed.
Genie 45
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