Gold is a universal trading resource in all of the Stronghold games.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Gold, while cannot be mined on its own, is a means of wealth and used for many services and purposes throughout the game. It can be spent on either military or economic purposes.

Gold is used for recruiting troops, trading resources and constructing certain buildings, of which each has a certain price. Gold is stored in the player's (virtual) treasury and accessible anytime, as well as it cannot be lost by any means (except for losing a game). Gold can be used the following ways:

  • Recruiting units: all units and siege equipment require gold for their creation as a one-time payment.
  • Buying and selling resources: batches of materials can be bought or sold in exchange for gold.
  • Constructing buildings: some buildings - typically religious and entertainment buildings - cost gold to place.
  • Taxing and bribing peasants: the townsfolk can be taxed for gold and a steady monthly income, costing popularity, while they can also be bribed, netting the opposite effect.

Acquiring gold[edit | edit source]

The Market[edit | edit source]

The market is a reliable source of trade and resources. It is needed for resource exchanges in most games and every resource is needed to be traded manually. Gold is acquired for selling batches of resources. The market handles trades automatically in later games.

The Treasury[edit | edit source]

A place to store the kingdom's gold. Gold is stored in the keep and every transaction immediately takes or cashes the sufficient gold amount, be it on the market or with another player. Gold cannot be lost here by any other means.

In Stronghold 2, the treasury building is separate from the keep and it requires a bailiff to fully operate. While gold is still accessible without one, the treasury itself enables taxation. Gold can be stolen from here by a thief deployed by enemy forces.

Killing players (SH, SHC)[edit | edit source]

When an enemy lord is dead, the player delivering the killing blow gets a portion of his remaining stock and one fifth of its gold stocks as a bounty. This can be any amount of gold, but at least 500 coins.

Estates (SH2, SHL)[edit | edit source]

Village and castle estates automatically net 10 gold every month as regular taxes to their respective owner, on top of sending raw goods to your Keep.

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