General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Food storage
Cost 5 wood (SH, SHC)

free (SH2)

The granary is a building that serves as a storage for the food resources in the game. It also serves as a control panel for adjusting the food rations distribution.


The granary is a vital building, which stores meat, cheese, apples and bread for the peasants. Rate of consumption grows with peasants, however the rations handed out can be adjusted in order to gain popularity or conserve food. When the granary empties or is destroyed, no rations will be handed out and a severe popularity loss (-8) will take effect until the granary is replaced and food placed in it once more.

Due to its function, the granary is a very important building and losing it to the enemy can force unnecessary spending on the restoring food supplies. The granary is also susceptible to fire and burns very slowly, spreading sparks around the perimeter steadily and therefore it should be protected well.


In the first Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader, the Granary had a capacity of 250 units of food. Additional granaries could be built adjacent to the original one, increasing food capacity by 250 for each granary attached. A maximum of nine granaries were allowed.

In Stronghold 2 and later games, the granary can hold unlimited supplies of food. Due to this fact, only one granary is built (without cost). Increased food variety now brings in additional honor instead of popularity and its amount is doubled when double rations are given. The granary cannot hold royal food: these are stored at the Lord's Kitchen.

On the granary's control panel, the consumption rate can be adjusted as well as certain food types can be turned off to halt consumption. If more than one type of food is eaten, a popularity bonus is granted.

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A Granary in Stronghold


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