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The gunpowder trap is a ground defense in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


Gunpowder traps are individual batches of hidden explosive barrels. A trap can be activated by enemy units stepping on them, or by firing fiery projectiles at them, causing a large explosion.


As most other explosives, gunpowder traps are effective against masses of units. While the explosion area is rather small, the detonation can nullify the efforts of first ranks in a frontal assault. To cover the largest area possible, these traps should be placed individually and spaced out, covering circles of areas. It is also possible to place traps close to each other, triggering a chain reaction that can eliminate charging groups in one fell swoop.

While easy to exploit, the presence of gunpowder traps instills fear in the enemies' hearts. Traps can force the adversaries to divert fodder troops in order to remove them, where they can fall easy prey to ranged units.

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