The hellhound is an evil fantasy unit in Stronghold Legends.


The hellhound is a furious and cruel dog, black in color. It is very fast and very cheap to summon, what makes them ideal to use in groups. It deals low damage and is very fragile, but it can overwhelm groups of hostile units when used in numbers.


The hellhound is typically used for quick strikes and hit-and-run attacks. Its mobility means that a group of hounds may quickly get to anywhere on the map, pinning down and killing small squads of units. They particularly excel at destroying siege engines and disposing of unarmored units.

These dogs can also be used to rush not only the enemy units, but the hostile buildings lying outside. The hounds' high attack speed and great mobility makes them ideal for destroying farms, industry buildings and even the granary, if left outside.

Hellhounds may also attempt to wear down or completely kill off weak defenses. With a ladder assault, hellhounds could quickly reach units in towers and on gatehouses, forcing them to a close-quarter-battle. Not to mention that they can hold up enemy troops long enough for vampiric creepers to arrive and convert any archers and crossbowmen they find.


The hound is very cheap, but very fragile. Single hounds are rather vulnerable to both missile fire and melee units, particularly during combat. Still, its speed greatly makes up for its weaknesses and it is very rarely seen to be used one by one.

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