The Hobilar (or light cavalry) is a mercenary unit in Stronghold 2.


These light cavalry units are very agile and move very fast. Hailing from Wales, they are ideal for making short work of siege camps and their weapons. Their attack strength matches that of a spearman, but their speed is nearly doubled and they can easily outrun any other foes.


A good strategy is to build a sally port in a convenient spot, then place a large group of Light Cavalry behind it. When the enemy siege force gets close, immediately send them out to take down siege equipment. With proper strategy and timing, you can easily flank siege equipment and overall sabotage the entire battle. They are also considerably a great unit to use early in a match considering they only cost gold, and are unlocked early.

However, they are quite weak because of their light armor. They are easily killed by long-ranged units such as archers. They are almost useless when sent to an enemy with archers guarding its walls and towers. They are easily shot and sometimes die instantly when they are idle and doing nothing.

In some cases, because of their great speed, archers firing at them become inaccurate and they only hit the ground. Light Cavalry is excellent for distracting the enemy's archers when you are attacking.

A tactic that is often used in games is that small groups of light cavalry will charge around attacking anything unprotected, usually farms and buildings, but mostly unprotected siege equipment. This means that any estate you control should be protected from light cavalry attack.

If you wish to raid using light cavalry, you should send in some other units such as horse archers and/or swordsmen/pikemen to clear up or distract troops guarding an estate and raid or capture it with light cavalry. Then retreat unless you capture the estate.


For the quotes of the hobilar, see: Quotes:Hobilar.


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