Here are the quotes of the hobilar.

Quotes in Stronghold 2

Action Quote Sound

Whassa problem?

Take it easy.

Give us your order.

Your lordship?

We live to ride!

Our spears are yours.

The boys are ready.

No problem.

Our ponies are fresh!

It's a good day for it!


To horse, boys!

Let's move out.

Ridin' out.

Let's go.

Heading out.

We're on the trail!


Come on, boys!

Spears up!

Get those ponies movin'!

Invalid location You're joking, aren't you?
Marching That's a fair ride!
Aggressive stance None shall pass.
Defensive stance We'll keep an eye out.
Stand ground That's gonna be dangerous!
Patrolling Sending a patrol out now.
Open formation

Ride, ride!

Defensive knot Circle!
Column formation Let's get in a column.
Line formation Line up, boys!
Filling in moat

Not on a horse, I can't.

I'm not getting off my pony.

Maybe my horse can drink it dry, but I'm sure not diggin' it!

Manning rock basket Hehe, I don't think so!
Manning walls My ponies not run for the walls.
Disband Back to your mommies, boys!
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