Honor is a virtual resource in Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends. It is gained through several means as listed below and is needed to gain promotions in Kingmaker games, recruiting certain kinds of troops and to purchase neutral estates.

Stronghold 2[edit | edit source]

Gaining honour[edit | edit source]

There are several means by which honor can be gained (amount in brackets):

  • Providing more than one sort of food in the granary. ([amount of food type] - 1 every month, x2 with double rations)
  • Building statues. (1 every month)
  • Punishing criminals. (1 every month)
  • Hosting jousts. (20 for a period of 6 months)
  • Manuscripts delivered by monks from the monastery. (10 for each manuscript)
  • Holding feasts with various royal food. ([number of guests] * [number of food types] * 4) + 10)
  • Holding dances. (200 per event)
  • Visiting the Lady. (1 per event)
  • Attending masses in the church. (150 per mass)

Note that with the exception of the first four points, the Lord must be 'returned to civilian duties' to gain honor. Otherwise the Lord would just stand in his place and do nothing.

Certain missions in the Path of War and Path of Peace also reward honor when objectives are completed.

See more about honour here: http://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/article/80-honour

Spending honor[edit | edit source]

Honor can be spent on purchasing estates, recruiting troops and ranking up in skirmish games.

Purchasing a neutral estate costs 100 honor.

List of troops and ranks requiring honor:

Unit Honor (gold)
Archer 2 12
Crossbowman 2 20
Maceman 1 20
Pikeman 2 20
Swordsman 8 40
Knight 50 200
Light Cavalry 2 40
Horse Archer 2 80
Thief 50 10
Assassin 200 100
Fighting Monk 1 25
Warrior Monk 10 1


Yeoman 10
Squire 15
Knight 30
Knight Bachelor 50
Knight Errant 100
Royal Champion 150
Baron 200
Earl 300
Duke 400

You can see more about the game ranks here: http://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/article/78-game-ranks

Stronghold Legends[edit | edit source]

Stronghold Legends also includes honor, being used mostly in the same way as in Stronghold 2. Due to the simplified game mechanics, less ways are available to acquire and spend it.

Gaining honor[edit | edit source]

Honor is available to acquire by:

  • Handing out more than one sort of food in the granary (working the same way as Stronghold 2).
  • Feasting: honor is awarded when a chunk of royal food is consumed. Good faction players benefit most from feasting, since they have all 4 royal food types available.
  • Capturing stone circles: these buildings reward honor when captured and provide an additional 5 honor each month onwards.
  • Building statues: these monuments provide 1 honor each month.

Spending honor[edit | edit source]

Only promotion and certain units require honor to spend on. Neutral estates can be captured by foot soldiers the same way as if they were not neutral in Stronghold 2. The unit prices are different in single-player skirmish and multiplayer.

Note: glory points are not to be confused with honor points. Glory points are a requirement for building statues only, which help the generation of honor points.

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