Here are the quotes of the horse archer.

Quotes in Stronghold 2Edit

Action Quote Sound

My horse is swift.

At your command.


We await.

We are valiant.

Our horses are ready.

Oh, mighty Sultan?

What is your bidding?

Command us.

Oh, mighty Lord?


Ride like the wind!

Galloping horses.

None are faster.

Our stallions are swift.

Move, my brethren!

Watch us ride!

We join the hunt.

We ride and shoot.

Horsemen of Arabia, ride!

The plains will thunder!

Invalid location Impossible, I cannot.
Marching No journey, it's too far.
Aggressive stance We will watch.
Defensive stance We shall defend you.
Stand ground We would rather ride...
Patrolling Your orders are clear.
Open formation

Horses, keep your distance!

Defensive knot Horses, into a circle!
Column formation Horses, a column!
Line formation Horses, into a line.
Filling in moat

My horse prevents it.

Manning rock basket You jest with us.
Manning walls Our horses are swift, but are not monkeys!
Disband The battle is won?
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