General Information
Available in Stronghold 3
Stronghold Crusader 2
Usage Provides housing capacity
Cost Varying (based on keep distance)

Hovels are fragile, but crucial buildings, which increase maximum housing capacity.

As long as there is free capacity, peasants will slowly populate the castle, based on popularity. If popularity is positive, peasants will come to the castle, in negative case, they will leave it.

Hovels provide varying capacity based on their distance from the keep. Closer hovels can accomodate more peasants, at an increased cost. If not all peasants can be accomodated, overpopulation occurs, which hinders recruitment and peasant reinforcement until enough housing is provided. The starting keep has a limited capacity, usually 8 peasants.

Hovels are a priority to be protected from enemy attacks and fire.

List of hovelsEdit

Stronghold 3 Stronghold Crusader 2
Hovel name Capacity Hovel name Capacity Cost

Town house

10 House 8 65 wood
Large house 8 Hut 6 50 wood
House 6 Small hut 2 20 wood
Big Hut 4
Hut 2



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