Ice Faction

Some features of the ice-faction.

Ice is one of the factions and story paths in Stronghold Legends.


The ice faction represents the rulers of the icy and mountainous worlds of North Europe and the Alps, who are mostly mythological heroes of the Middle Age. They appeared as heroes of famous epics, who were not related to chivalry as much as the British mythology's heroes but to heroic fighting. They swore to protect their homelands and fight for their cause with everything they could.

Two Ice characters appear in the game:

  • Siegfried, the protagonist of the Nibelung-song, who fights for a hidden treasure in the epic.
  • Dietrich von Bern, an ally and advisor of Siegfried, the ruler of the Swiss Alps.

Ice has its own trail, labelled with medium difficulty. It also has its own building style, soundtracks, fantasy units and much more unique content in the game.


The icy empire is wintery: the ground is covered in snow and cold wind blows, whirling up the snow. Evergreen plants, grass and bushes can survive in this frosty terrain.

The ice buildings are very geometric and solid, they are well-designed and massive. Wooden buildings have icicles hanging on them. Towers are very massive and tight, but are not very high. The ice keep is medium-sized, having four towers in the corners.

Gameplay Edit

Ice is a balanced faction in skirmish. It has access to the Ice tower, which can be used to call ice fantasy units and the Ice Queen. It also has its unique siege engines available in the siege camp.

Ice units range from weak but agile troops to massive and brutal colossi. They are cunning and durable, but they have less damage output than that of evil units. White wolves and shield maidens rely heavily on their numbers to slaughter their enemies. This is especially true for the flying white witch, which wields a bow and shoots her targets with enchanted arrows from a distance.

When the 'big guys' are called in, the polar bear designed especially for war can hand out massive damage, but the top on the list is the frost giant, who is expensive to cast but big enough to absorb quite much punishment. These two units are so strong that they can damage and destroy any structures, including towers and stone buildings on their own.

Dwarves are perhaps the most all-round units of the Ice player. They use their hammers to fight and they can also remove chunks of wall pieces with them. Their unique ability is that they emit a toxic cloud when they are long enough in melee combat, dealing much more damage than usual.

The elite Ice units, the Ice Queen and the Ice Dragon can be summoned once the need arises to cast ice on enemies, freezing and damaging them for a few seconds.

Ice players are the most limited in terms of siege equipment, having unique access only to the Fire Ballista.

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