The Ice Queen is an elite Ice unit in Stronghold Legends. 
Ice Queen


The Ice Queen is the Ice Sorcerer. She is the only unit with special powers. She wears long white robes with coloured highlights, holds a long staff and wears a silver crown on her head.


Her normal power is to cast an icy blast which deals moderate damage and freezes enemy troops. When used wisely, the Ice Queen is very important. She can freeze the enemy, while the rest of your troops inflict damage upon them.

Usable SkillsEdit

Her special power is called the Power of Winter that enable her to both freezing the enemy and inflicting damage on them at the same time in a large area. But be wise when using it, as it has to be recharged once it is used.


  • She, along with some of her fellow Ice units are likely inspired by both Ice Queen and Jadis the White Witch.
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