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The imperial bannerman is a support unit in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


The bannerman's responsibility is boosting troop morale on the battlefield, by the keeping the banner high! Units in the banner's close vicinity gain additional armour.


The bannerman from China is a heavy-armoured unit, who is expensive to deploy. He has great statistics however, as he is quite durable and a longsword grants him fair fighting power. He is best used alone in the middle of an army, granting them much needed resistance. Bannermen can also make raiding units tankier, provided they can catch up with them.

Imperial bannermen can also be placed on the top of towers and walls, greatly increasing ranged units' efficiency, when facing numerous ranged attackers of the enemy. One must be wary of catapults and other rock-firing mechanisms though, as crumbling towers and defenses can easily displace and send the bannerman to oblivion.

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