A one versus five battle pitting you against The Rat, The Pig, The Snake, The Abbot of Stirling, and The Wolf. You are set on a massive hill, which gives you some advantage, and the grasslands are located behind your keep so you can better protect your farms.

There are 3 enemy barracks dumping out free troops. Those are your number one priority and must be eliminated as soon as possible. The Snake and the Pig both have barracks producing swordsmen and catapults. They will swamp you if those barracks aren't destroyed quickly.

You start with a force of 20 crossbowmen, 20 pikemen, and a few archers. Throw the crossbowmen in a tower. They are your best protection against the heavily armoured swordsmen and you need to keep them alive. Next, use your gold (you start with 6k) to train about 20 arab archers and put them in another tower. This gives you a good fire base for defense.

Next, you'll want to drain the rest of your gold building horse archers. You need the speed and mobility. Use them to defend all 3 entrances to your hill. Keep them moving, your enemies will throw troops all over the place, and don't let the horse archers get snagged in a melee where they are much less effective.

While this is going on, you should beginning using your rock volley "power up" to destroy the barracks producing the free swordsmen. Stay disciplined and don't give into the temptation to drop arrow volleys on his troops. It thins them out, but doesn't bring you any closer to destroying the enemy barracks.

Don't be alarmed if enemy troops are swarming all over your city. Keep the horse archers moving, use the pikemen to defend your lord, and the archers in the towers will eventually kill everyone.

Once the free barracks are destroyed, build up your horse archer force to about 100 and train about 50 assassins. Begin with the Rat in the lower right and begin killing your way upwards, using your horse archers to soften up fortresses and the assassins to scale the walls and take down the enemy lord. Use your arrow volley "power up" to quickly eliminate high concentrations of archers, defensive siege equipment, and the infantry defending the keep.

Estimated time to victory: 40 minutes

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