Jousting Field
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General Information
Available in Stronghold 2
Usage Entertainment building
Cost 200 wood

500 gold

The jousting field is a civilian building in Stronghold 2.


The jousting is a popular event among civilians. It is expensive to build, but pays off over time. On the field two knights from a random faction test their skills and play several rounds, entertaining the audience. The event is held once a year and they last for 6 months before being dismantled (taking another 6 months to construct). It attracts no workers but many civilians, who go for or against knights and they often whistle or clap at the participants. The jousting grants +5 popularity when held.


  • There used to be a bet system, which allowed the player to bet a small amount of gold for the winner. In a later version, this feature was removed. The Lord and other royal people would also attend to tournaments.
  • When selecting the random competitors, a knight from the black faction (used by the wholly hostile outlaw faction) can also join the tournament. Their banner is a white skull in black base.


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