Kill Barclay is a custom Path of War mission in Stronghold 2.

Victory/Defeat ConditionsEdit

  • Win:
    • Own 9 estates (you already own one, your castle)
    • Kill Lord Barclay
  • Lose:
    • Your Lord dies


This is one of the more harder custom missions that the Path of War offers. First, you only have 1,00000 gold, and your only ways of making money are from selling apples, wood or stone via the market. In addition, your only available units are Armed Peasants, Spearmen and Archers, while Barclay has access to all units.

Each estate Barclay owns is guarded with a variety of units, ranging from Spearmen to mounted Knights. Fortunately, there are no Crossbowmen under Barclay's estates, but there are a large amount of Macemen and Swordsmen the further you progress towards him. Barclay's keep is well guarded with Rolling Logs, Pit and Man Traps, and several War Hound cages.

Immediately use your gold to buy Wood and Stone, as Barclay can and will launch sieges on you over time. Excess apples can be sold for money (50 apples will give you 20000 gold) if needed. A treasury can be built, but set taxes to low or medium since your only way of gaining back popularity is from the granary and treasury when it is set to no taxes or bribes. Sell excess stone and wood for gold, and use it to create Fletcher's and Polemaker's workshops. They can only make Bows and Spears, so try to get as much production running as possible.

You can eventually increase your honor over time by capturing the bread-making estates, but this can be tricky as they're guarded by a good number of Archers, Macemen and some Swordsmen, which will decimate your melee troops. Focus on getting as much honor as possible to create a large amount of Archers, as the enemy usually won't focus on them unless they come within a specific range, apart from the enemy Archers. Barclay's sieges consist of catapults and macemen, so destroy the camp quickly to prevent the catapults from allowing the macemen to rush your lord. Barclay also will try to reclaim captured estates with macemen and occasionally archers and spearmen, so have at least 50 units guarding each estate flag at all times.

Honor is gained very slowly in this level, since your only source of honor comes from the two types of food you serve and the rations you give to your peasants. Create a large amount of Apple and Cheese farms, making sure you create a decent wall to protect them from Barclay's macemen if he decides to harass you. Once food production increases, set rations to extra then double to get 3 honor every month. Gong does appear in your castle so place several Gong Pits to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Apart from taxes and lower rations, gong is the only way that affects your popularity, as you are not affected by crime or rats.

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