The ultimate trained soldier, knights are both fast and deadly in combat. They are also specially useful for surprise attack, sallying forth from the castle to destroy siege equipment. Each knight needs a horse bred for him in your stables.
— Official Description

The knight is an elite offensive unit in the Stronghold series.


Knights are a durable armored unit that can ride a horse into battle and inflict great damage in enemy ranks. Its exceptional statistics make him one of the most expensive units of the game.



Knights are best used as a raiding unit due to their unmatched characteristics. They excel at destroying buildings and small groups of units in the open field. Their durability also allows them to withstand concentrated fire for a few more moments, while they inflict damage.

Knights can also conduct counterattacks from unexpected positions in the heat of battle, such as flanks or from within the castle walls. While they prove good at distraction, they perform best when deployed at the most vulnerable ranks. Like swordsmen, knights can also take down the heaviest units themselves, if left unprotected, even the Lord.


Although the knight has few shortcomings, he is not a common sight on the battlefield due to his sheer requirements. As stables is a big limiting factor, knights do not pose as a great direct threat as bigger armies do. They fall short during sieges due to structure strength and traps, as well as they can be easily stopped by some well-spaced swordsmen or macemen. Knights are also helpless against ranged units' projectiles, however they are nigh impossible to be killed instantly.

In later games, the knight becomes very slow when his mount is killed or recalled. Despite his durability, the knight is easy prey for enemy attacks until he can leave the area.


  • In Stronghold Crusader, the knight bolsters similar characteristics to the swordsman. Usually the swordsman wins in a one-on-one battle, with barely a sliver of health left.
  • In Stronghold 2, the knight's face can be seen through his visor.
  • As a sign of their uppercrust status, knights speak in a Southern posh accent.

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