Brave and fast, Laddermen can provide access to castle walls for other units.


Laddermen, as their name suggests, carry ladders with themselves. They use these to put up against enemy walls to provide quick access to friendly troops. Though very useful, they lack armour and can easily be taken down by enemy units, especially ranged ones, which takes only a few arrows take them down. However, they are extremely fast to compensate. Laddermen cannot engage enemy troops or structures.

Laddermen are a cheap way to scale enemy walls. They carry their ladder everywhere, so they cannot fight. However, they are fast but weak, so they are effective in large numbers. Only archers, macemen and spearmen may climb ladders. Spearmen are the only units, which can pick ladders off the walls, leaving the ladderman without a ladder and therefore he is disbanded. When this occurs, any unit climbing the ladder will fall to death.

Ladders set up on walls can be destroyed and pushed off by spearmen.

The only AI lord in Stronghold Crusader that uses laddermen is the Snake, and rarely to any great effect.

Stronghold 2Edit

He has an almost useless melee attack in forms of punching, which barely do any damage. They have an ever worse attack with their ladders. Even an armed peasant is stronger than the ladderman. However they are harder to kill than in Stronghold Crusader.

Most AI lords in Kingmaker use laddermen, as walls cannot be destroyed by melee units in the game unlike in Stronghold Crusader.

Once a Ladderman puts up the ladder, he will run to the siege camp or engineer's guild to receive another one. Ladders can be pushed away by any troops and they can be destroyed by catapulted rocks and ballista bolts. In the latter way, they may also catch fire. 

In Stronghold CrusaderEdit

Manual descriptionEdit

"Laddermen: If you can't bring a wall down then these units will allow you to go over the top. Laddermen are cheap to produce but very vulnerable so need to be deployed quickly."


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