Here are the quotes of the ladderman.

Quotes in Stronghold and CrusaderEdit

Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected Okay, sir.

Y... yes, sir?

M, m... my Lord?

Yes, your majesty?

I think we are ready.

Are we going home?


Fastest we can, sir.

Right away, sire.

Of course.

Invalid location Uh, sir, I can't get there.
Attack attempt

My hands are full, sir.

Sir, all I have is this ladder.

I can't fight with this ladder, my Lord!

Sorry Lord, but my hands are full.

Marching All that way? Okay.
Digging moat

I don't have a spade.

Sorry Lord, but I can't.

My hands are full.

Disband Thank you my Lord.

Quotes in Stronghold 2 and LegendsEdit

Action Quote Sound

What's the plan?

Just say the word.

Ready to go.

We trust in your judgement.

Ladders ready.

Where are the walls?

Ladders at your command.

We're ready.

We've got the ladders.

My lord?


Fastest we can sir.

Right away, sire.

Of course.

Off we go.

Look lively, boys.

Where next, Lord?

Yes, sir.


We're away.

Ladders up!

Invalid location Uh, sir, I can't get there.
Marching To the ends of the earth!
Aggressive stance Erm... okay!
Defensive stance Defend the ladders!
Stand ground I'll stand here then.
Patrolling If you like...
Open formation

Ladders apart!

Defensive knot Ladders, to the center!
Column formation Come on lads, one behind the other!
Line formation

Make a line, lads!

Filling in moat

We have our hands holding it.

Sorry Lord, but I can't!

Uh, my hands are full.

Manning rock basket Rocks, sir?
Manning walls Stand on the walls!
Disband Thank you, my Lord!
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