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Open the gates! We are marching into history!
— Lancelot, when leading his army into battle

Lancelot is a character and AI opponent appearing in Stronghold Legends.


"Noble, chivalrious and without equal in Camelot, 'Lancelot du Lac' fights honestly and fairly. His refusal to use magic or 'unnatural beasts' is his weak spot however."


Lancelot du Lac is an infamous character in King Arthur's legends. Being one of the most faithful knights of Arthur, Lancelot aided and fought alongside the king. He won many battles and helped to recover the Holy Grail. Lancelot was also in a secret love with Arthur's wife, Guinevere. He was in charge of Camelot, the famous castle and estate.

Lancelot is the symbol of chivalry, being a loyal knight and a true lover.

Castles and strategiesEdit

Lancelot has a rectangular castle, cornered by numerous lookout towers and an engine tower with a dragon harpoon. He stations archers in every corner and on the keep's roof, while a few men-at-arms guard the barracks and the gatehouse. He covers lots of his open walls with rolling logs, which tend to destroy his own buildings when used. Lancelot mines resources, as well as he produces candles and lots of weapons to fund his economy.

Lancelot foregoes harassment (apart from a few archers) in an attempt to overwhelm his enemies with constant sieges. True to his description, he only uses barracks units: archers with a few men-at-arms and swordsmen. They are supported with a few catapults and mantlets, but nothing else. His swordsmen often lag behind the main attack force and the light unarmored units make Lancelot's armies the easiest to dispatch.

Usable skillsEdit

Name Image Duration Effect Note
Summon knights
S knight
30 seconds Summons 4 mounted knights in the selected area, serving as temporary bodyguards for the Lord. The knights appear mounted if they are on the ground.
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