Here are the quotes of Lancelot.

Action Quote Sound
Prepares for siege I will today bring heel to one of these false lords!
La siege 01
Sends army 1 Open the gates, we march into history!
La taunt 01
Sends army 2 Raise our banner high, the time for noble deeds is upon us!
La taunt 02
Launches attack 1 We fight with honour!
La taunt 03
Launches attack 2 This day will long be remembered! Advance!
La taunt 04
Player's buildings are destroyed Bring down the walls of our foe!
La vict 02
Close to victory You fight well, my lord, I am saddened by your demise.
La vict 03
Defeats player Another lord this day rests in Elysium.
La vict 04
Player deflects attack We have been bested by a worthy foe! Pull back, my gallant men!
La anger 01
Player destroys buildings

Gods, our very castle falls about us!

La anger 02
Panicking There is a mighty army outside our walls. We must ever be valiant!
La nervous 01
Defeated I... passed beyond. I hope only that... history is kind to me.
La plead 01
Requires help I fear I need your aid, sir Knight.
La help 01
Predicts defeat As I gaze through my battlements, I see nothing but death approaching.
La nervous 02
Kills common enemy I have brought another of those rascals to heel.
La boast 01
Player kills common enemy You fight well, sir Knight!
La congrats 01
Falls as ally I am fading my lord, I fear you must fight... alone.
La ally death 01
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