A swarm of locusts

The Locust Swarm is be an in-game event in Stronghold Crusader 2.


Locusts are large insects that are common around the world. These pesky creatures live in plantations and they eat leaves and plants rapidly, causing devastating damage to crops.

The locust swarm affects gameplay during skirmish matches. This event randomly strikes a player, destroying some of their crops among farms, like the apple orchard, wheat farm and the hops farm. This could severely hamper a player's economy, forcing to buy in food or materials, unless having a large stockpile of these. The locust swarm also comes with a negative popularity.

The event can be turned on or off before skirmish matches.


  • In the various Stronghold games, the custom mission editors offer preset events affecting certain crops. Stronghold Crusader has Apple Blight for apples destruction, Hop Weevil for killing hops and Wheat Disease rotting wheat. Locust Swarm is combining these three effects in one event.
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