Both of you fall back, while I launch the final assault.
— Barclay, before the siege of the King
Lord Barclay
Personal Information
Real Name Lord Barclay
Nicknames The Hammer
Appears on Stronghold 2/deluxe
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age late 40s
Strategical Information
Difficulty Very hard
Melee Troops Outlaws


Ranged Troops Archers

Horse archers

Siege Engines Catapults

Battering rams

Lord Barclay is the main antagonist of Stronghold 2. He appears a lot in the Path of War.

Lord Barclay in the campaignsEdit

The first time he is seen is when Matthew Steele breaks Sir William out of his castle and he sees them sailing away to safety. He is barely able to recognize the intruders, so he consults with The Hawk, who tells him to hire Olaf Grimtooth to try and finish Matthew and Sir William off. After a while, he gets angry with Sir Edwin for letting him seize too much land, resulting in him taking his army and attempting to siege Steele along with The Hawk and Lady Seren. Seren fools the two by making them think that she can arrange a ceasefire and betrays them in the middle of the battle. Although the attack is deflected, he meets Steele at the crossroads and tries to convince him to join him, with the promise of a great alliance ruling the country. 

If Steele chooses the good side, Barclay will attempt to siege the abbey of Lady Seren for her betrayal. Steele stops him and that makes him hate Steele even more. Later on, he seemingly joins a great siege taking part in the Hawk's lands with The Bull and The Hawk, but he stays in the back, leaving the armies of the two to destruction. When William and Steele kills the Hawk, he surrounds them with his army and threatens to kill them. Much to his annoyance, Sir Grey arrives and smashes his troops. However, Barclay shoots Sir Grey in the chest with his crossbow, killing the poor man.

After these events, Barclay is trapped in his own castle by The King's and Steele's forces. Soon he is overwhelmed and surrenders before their might. Eventually, he gets imprisoned with Edwin, only to be humiliated in front of the crowd.

If Steele chooses the bad side, Barclay gets the news from Steele that the King may reside in Lady Seren's abbey. Barclay quickly seizes the opportunity and assists Steele in the siege the abbey, killing Lady Seren but finding nowhere near the King. With the abbey controlled, Barclay attempts to usher himself in as the new king by the local Bishop, but Steele intervenes. Eventually they make a deal: whichever of them kills the King or delivers the killing blow, gets the crown. To keep Steele occupied, Barclay advises him to deal with Sir William while he searches for the King's place of hiding.

Eventually, Steele will have disposed of William and Barclay will have found the King's shelter. They launch a multi-pronged attack against the King's fortress, which soon turns into a race for the crown. Barclay barely misses the crown as Steele's forces deal the killing blow to the King. In the terms of the contract, Barclay becomes the vassal of Steele and he must approve his reign.

In KingmakerEdit

Barclay, with the possible exception of The King and The Queen is the toughest opponent in kingmaker. He attacks with huge forces and slams his opponents into submission.

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A castle template of The Hammer.

Barclay's economic skills are outstanding. He builds almost anything that can fuel an enormous industry. All food types are produced to (barely) give double rations for peasants. Ale production and a church is introduced to boost popularity and honor. Vegetables and wine are served at the Lord's kitchen for an additional boost. He also builds a bedchamber and a small cloth production to hold dancing events in the keep. In addition, he uses capital punishment to get rid of any peasants hurting his economy.


Barclay initially recruits several Horse Archers and Outlaws for defense and/or harassment. Eventually, they get replaced by powerful Knights and Crossbowmen.

In a siege, Barclay will use a wide range of siege units, including trebuchets (he is the only AI who uses them), which can devastate walls at a long range. Crossbowmen and Knights accompany them (along with Outlaws and Horse Archers if he still has any); since his Knights are not mounted, they are usually the last to arrive on the scene. If the castle is breached by the time they arrive, Barclay sends them at their lord to kill them, so it is best to leave a good amount of Crossbowmen and/or Axe Throwers along with some melee to finish them off.


Barclay will often use the Large Keep, only using the Small and Middle Keeps depending on his starting location. Swordsmen are placed outside his keep for a last line of defense.

In a Large Keep setup, Barclay builds a double enclosure; a small area right outside his castle with a few buildings, and then a larger one with more vital buildings. Most of his economic buildings are placed outside the enclosure. He also has several gates along the walls which are laden with man traps and burning logs.

With a Medium Keep, Barclay builds a double enclosure, this time the outer layer being a way for enemy laddermen to run their ladders onto. The inner layer contains his more vital stone buildings. Swordsmen are also placed in the inner layer near rock baskets to throw stones on enemies below them in addition to being stationed outside his keep. All of his economic buildings are outside the enclosure.

To deal with him, using trebuchets to soften up his defenses are recommended. Ten Knights is more than enough to kill Barclay, but remember to take out his tower mounted ballista first so that it does not send your knights into walls, gates or buildings (which kills any unit in this manner).


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