Lord Beaufort is one of The Hawk's three landholders. He is the second to die at the hands of Matthew Steele.

Lord Beaufort in the campaignsEdit

Lord Beaufort is entrenched in a small wooden fort to the east of Matthew Steele's castle. He is usually the second to die after Duke de Montparnasse but before Sir Hugo Blanc. Like the other landholders, he doesn't appear in kingmaker mode - the only three characters no to do so.

In the Chapter 8, Missions 1 & 2 he is entrentched in a small wooden fortress and has a small force of defenders. His fort contains a stockpile and nothing else. The fort is on an estate rather than a castle in it's own right as the buildings don't disappear when he dies like hey would in an ordinary castle.

Unlike the Duke and Sir Hugo, he doesn't bother with patrolling troops and just sits there, relatively inactive, until you attack him. He does not bother to try and recapture the estate that you take from him on the way to defeat him. He has only a handful of archers and a scattering of spearmen and doesn't bother to train troops.

Once he is defeated, then you move onto the main challenge. The mighty Sir Hugo.


  • From mission 8 cut sound files, it appears that Sir Hugo initially competed with the Lord Beaufort for the rank of 'principle landholder'. Hugo would head out and attack Beaufort, when he would refuse to pay taxes to him. As Pascal witnesses his subordinates' clashes, he could be heard growling over their failures, helpless.
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