These thuggish brutes are quick and deal out a lot of damage, making them ideal assault troops. They are not heavily armored, however, and are very susceptible to missile fire. Like spearmen they can use ladders to scale castle walls.
— Official Description

The maceman is a shock infantry unit in the Stronghold games.


Maceman are natural raiders. Equipped with lightweight leather armour and a spiked mace, they can run with unmatched speed and tear anything to shreds in their path. While not the toughest unit, the maceman can take considerable punishment, allowing for large damage.

The maceman is trained at the barracks.



Macemen are very fast, making them the ideal harassment force. They can deal high damage in no time and they destroy buildings very fast. They can also absorb quite a number of arrows during the process and when moving, most units will miss sometimes.

Macemen are also great for counterattacks. When the enemy breaches the castle walls, they can either meet the enemy head on, or circumvent their positions and attack in the rear, neutralizing threats from enemy ranged attackers and siege equipment.


Macemen experience difficulties when encountering units in metal armour. They have very high health and are unable to severely wound them, when they are on their own. They can outnumber them nevertheless, and they can outrun them when in trouble, since armour slows their enemies down.

Despite being strong in melee attacks, maceman have weak armor. An archer firing upon an enemy maceman may have a bit of trouble killing him due to leather armour, but crossbowmen can easily kill large numbers of them.

Macemen are vulnerable to large fires and therefore boiling oil and pitch ditches are great counters against maceman swarms.



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