Action Quote Sound

Your highness?



The mace boys rule!

Need's some heads crushin'?

Where's the fight?

Maces ready!


We're ready.

Got some trouble?

Mace S1 sh2
Mace S2 sh2
Mace S3 sh2
Mace S4 sh2
Mace S5 sh2
Mace S6 sh2
Mace S7 sh2
Mace S8 sh2
Mace S9 sh2
Mace S10 sh2

Move, you sons of dogs!

We're movin'!

Yeah we go, yeah we go, yeah we go!

Let's get goin'!

Where's the fight?

We'll take care of it.

Just ge'rrus inta battle!

What's goin' down?

Come on!

We're wastin' time here!

Mace M1 sh2
Mace M2 sh2
Mace M3 sh2
Mace M4 sh2
Mace M5 sh2
Mace M6 sh2
Mace M7 sh2
Mace M8 sh2
Mace M9 sh2
Mace M10 sh2
Invalid location How we gonna get there?
Mace MC1 sh2
Marching That'll take all day!
Mace ML1 sh2
Aggressive stance We'll kill anythin' that moves!
Mace Aggressive sh2
Defensive stance We'll hold this spot!
Mace Defensive sh2
Stand ground We'll take care of it.
Mace Guard sh2
Patrolling Walk "backwards" and "forwards", over and over again, right.
Mace Patrol sh2
Open formation

Spread out!

Mace Open sh2
Defensive knot Group up.
Mace Knot sh2
Column formation Into a column.
Mace Column sh2
Line formation Spread out.
Mace Line sh2
Filling in moat

What a lousy job.

I hate water.

Great, moat diggin'...

Mace Moat1 sh2
Mace Moat2 sh2
Mace Moat3 sh2
Manning rock basket Throw stones, okay.
Mace MS1 sh2
Manning walls Get on them walls!
Mace MW1 sh2

e come at pace...W!

They're dead!

Smash them to bits!

Bash 'em, boys!

Mace ATKW1 sh2
Mace ATKW2 sh2
Mace ATKW3 sh2
Mace ATKW4 sh2
Heavy target

Smack 'em!

Smash 'em!

Let's awe them!

Kill 'em!

Mace ATKS1 sh2
Mace ATKS2 sh2
Mace ATKS3 sh2
Mace ATKS4 sh2
Disband We're off!
Mace Disband1 sh2
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