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Stronghold is a medieval battle and castle siege real-time simulator with story-based missions and a non-combat economic building mode, produced by the BAFTA-nominated Firefly Studios. We are excited to report that Stronghold Warlords, the next game in the long-running series, released on March 9th, 2021!

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Stronghold.jpg Stronghold is the first game of the Stronghold series published by Firefly Studios in 2001. Stronghold guides us to the Medieval Britain, where a group of rebel lords, led by the Wolf, betrayed the English King and started a civil war across the country. The last hope of the King, Sir Longarm and the player must gather their forces and fight back the Wolf and his evil underlings.

In this 2D real-time strategy game, build an enormous force, manage your castle and crush your enemies to your liking with mighty battering rams and catapults, while defending your empire from the invaders with pitch, strong towers and siege engines! Read more...

Strongholdc.jpg Stronghold Crusader is the 2002 successor of the original Stronghold game. This game replays the Crusader campaigns of Europe's big empires against the defenders of the Arabian empires and the Holy Land. In the campaigns, the most notable rivalry occurs between the noble English warmonger, Richard the Lionheart and the kind-hearted but ambitious Arabian conqueror, Saladin.

Crusader brings a twist to the gameplay with the introduction of Arabian units, as well as 8 AI characters with unique strategies and tactics. Most buildings get a recolor and new textures, while the base gameplay concept remains unchanged. Crusader spawned an expansion pack, Stronghold Warchest (2003) and a sequel, Stronghold Crusader Extreme (2008). Read more...

Strongholdce.jpg Stronghold Crusader Extreme is the 2008 sequel of Stronghold Crusader. It can be viewed as an expansion for Crusader, but it was released separately from its prequel.

Crusader Extreme focuses on tweaking the Crusader gameplay further rather than the storyline. It has a 20 mission campaign trail and introduces Crusader's 8 AI enemies, with another 8 of them from Warchest. It brings new elements in gameplay by the Lord's special support powers, the endless unit producing outposts and an increased 10.000 unit cap. Read more...

Stronghold2.jpg Stronghold 2 is the 2005 sequel of Stronghold. The game is set in the medieval Britain, where Lord Barclay arranges a revolt against the King of Britain, creating chaos among the country. The King's most loyal knight, Sir William stands up for his cause and on his side, Sir Matthew Steele (the player) emerges from the turmoil. However, he also seeks success. Will he serve his aids, or betray them?

Stronghold 2 is the first game in the series to use a 3D-engine, ragdoll effects and brings a complete overhaul to the game concepts, including military, siege warfare and economics, with the addition of the honor and ranking system. It also features a Peace and a War campaign, a new Siege mode and 12 computer opponents to beat in Kingmaker mode. Read more...

Strongholdl.jpg Stronghold Legends is a standalone sequel released in 2006. It is set in the fantasy world of Europe, featuring legendary people of the Middle Ages. Three campaigns introduce the world of British chivalry with King Arthur and the Round Table, the frozen and creepy world of the Baltic with Siegfried the Dragonslayer, and the evil world of Transsylvania of Vlad Tepes (Dracula).

Legends is based on Stronghold 2 gameplay and engine, with a tweak by the introduction of fantasy units, new siege engines and the option to choose of three factions: Ice, Evil and Good. Each faction has access to various units, unit powers and buildings. Read more...

Stronghold3.jpg Stronghold 3 is the latest game in the Stronghold series released in 2011. It is set 10 years later of the Stronghold storyline, where the Wolf, believed to be dead, returns from the void and prepares his vengeance against the player. Will the Wolf be able to complete his revenge?

Stronghold 3 features a 3D engine with more realistic physics and sophisticated building placement. A war and an economy campaign introduces several missions to beat, as well a siege mode and a multiplayer mode. The gameplay has also seen a tweak, with the introduction of day and night mechanics and a new housing and popularity system, while highly retaining the style of Stronghold 2. Read more...

Strongholdc2.jpg Stronghold Crusader 2 is the 2014 sequel of the original Stronghold Crusader, now bringing the arid desert and cruel warfare of the Crusades into 3D. With improved graphics and better performance over Stronghold 3, Crusader 2 also revamps the dynamics and detail of the gameplay with countless newfound units and events.

Stronghold Crusader 2 features many recurring characters, such as Richard The Lionheart and Saladin, but also introduces new faces, such as the rebelling Sultana or the easy-going, but confident Shah. Four downloadable contents are available with more AI characters and campaigns to enrich gameplay experience. Read more...

Sh warlords logo.png Stronghold Warlords is the latest installment of Stronghold, currently in development. After the lands of Great Britain and the Middle East, Warlords drives us even further into the distant Far East. The fight now commences not only over resources and territory, but warlords as well, who can be turned to your side and commandeered by expending Diplomacy points. Will you be the ultimate ruler?

Stronghold Warlords brings the fight to Asia, where units and characters can be fought from Vietnam, China, Japan and Mongolia. Gameplay is enriched by the Warlords system, where you can either conquer or persuade neutral minor players to turn to your side and have them execute commands, such as attacking other players or send you supplies. Besides diplomacy, combat sees just as much importance as ever, this time introducing gunpowder units and turret-type defensive structures. Read more...

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Ixsc15 Ixsc15 28 May 2020

Opinion - does Stronghold need 15 years to revitalize? (05.29.2020)

With Stronghold Warlords on our doorstep, Stronghold will get a new spin-off member after the release of Stronghold Crusader 2 in 2014. Known since 2016, Warlords have been in the works for more than 4 years. While it's a considerable timespan, the series saw a lot of games since the first game, wi…

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11th March, 2021: Stronghold Warlords is out!
Stronghold Warlords is finally released! Lead great Asian leaders to victory and relive the Stronghold experience once again! The game is available on GoG or Steam.
11th January, 2021: Stronghold Warlords delayed
Firefly Studios pushed the release date of their upcoming Stronghold title to March 9th, due to unforeseen critical issues in Multiplayer development.
11th June, 2020: Warlords release date announced!
Stronghold Warlord has been introduced at IGN Summer. The game will be released on September 29th, 2020!
27th May, 2020: IGN Summer featuring Warlords!
Stronghold Warlords will be featured at IGN Summer on June 9th! This occasion will narrow down its official release for 2020, as well as showcase the game for the public. View what other games are presented here!
16th May, 2020: Imperial units reveal
Firefly Studios has unveiled the next set of upcoming Warlords units: the Imperial heavy troops! Crush your enemies with mace, sword and raw power, with the help of this new video!
31st March, 2020: Warlords Closed alpha out!
The Firefly development team just released the PAX East alpha demo for all Metagame participants on Discord! If you registered before February 8th, you received a Steam key for the game!
29th February, 2020: PAX alpha version gameplay
Firefly community managers Tasha and Aaron showcased a play of the newest Warlords demo! This scenario involves siege and diplomacy, which you can watch here!
24th February, 2020: Economic Campaign revealed!
Like previous iterations, Stronghold Warlords will include an Economic trail that tests the player's skills in controlling a castle and fulfilling objectives in 6 missions. Watch the reveal video here!
14th February, 2020: Warlords siege engines insight
In their new Warlords spotlight video, Firefly Studios reveals a few kinds of siege equipment that can remove flesh and stone. See how catapults, laddermen or even oxen can be commanded in battle!
14th January, 2020: New Special unit abilities unveiled!
Happy New Year, warriors! Firefly Studios reveals some new Stronghold Warlords unit abilities that may turn the tides of battle. See how mercenaries triumph in combat here.
6th December, 2019: Warlords - castle sim improvements
Stronghold Warlords revitalizes and introduces a few sim aspects in the latest video. Besides some recurring factors, paved roads, embassies and housing quality is explained in detail.
7th November, 2019: Chinese and Vietnamese units unveiled
A few new units from Stronghold Warlords have been revealed by Firefly! Vietnam brings unarmored tribesmen to the fray, while China adds conventional auxiliary and armored imperial forces. Watch the video here.
30th September, 2019: Crusader fan mod - SHCPlayer
It's not only Firefly busy working. An utility for Crusader has been in development by JuGGerNaunt, which contains a replay recorder, a quality-of-life bugfixing package and an AI castle viewer! You can read more about the program here.
5th September, 2019: Stronghold Warlords Alpha footage
The next Stronghold has been featured on Gamescom 2019, where Firefly hosted a short gameplay session for every wannabe fighter. Aaron from Firefly narrates a 25 minute long video, granting insight in the yet maturing game, here!
9th August, 2019: 100 SH Warlords questions
Firefly Studios answers one hundred questions of the fans! Nick sat down with senior developer Matt Smith to provide feedback on various topics. See the conversation here. Ixsc15(talk) 06:38, August 9, 2019 (UTC)
11th June, 2019: Stronghold Warlords teaser
The upcoming member of the Stronghold series is teased on E3. Bound to be released in 2020, Warlords brings the sim combat to Eastern Asia along with a new Warlord system. Learn more here. Ixsc15(talk) 06:14, June 11, 2019 (UTC)

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