The man-at-arms is a light utility unit in Stronghold Legends.


The man-at-arms is a replacement for the spearman, who also possesses similarities with the outlaw. Men-at-arms can throw their spears as javelins to deal high damage on an enemy target to finish it off with their daggers. The spear regenerates after a short time to become usable again. The javelin can be thrown at units that mount walls or towers, or even fly.

On the top of that, the spearmen can also push ladders from the walls. They do it swiftly, but are too vulnerable for archers to keep doing this task for a long while. It's better to use macemen for that and pikemen are even better if you want to keep them for a longer while for that task.


While still weak in close combat, the man-at-arms can be used as a supplementary means of defense against hordes of weaker units and in greater numbers ... Single heavy units, like the ice giants, due to his mid-range spear.

They can be a very cost-effective method for disposing of enemy siege engines and particularly mantlets. They also excel against unarmored units, white witches and a few number of crossbowmen exposed in the open ground, decimating ranks with their javelins in the dozens.

In medium-sized to relatively large numbers, the man-at-arms are very cost-efficient to decimate knights and swordsmen. It is quite a good idea to use them for harassing enemy workers and destroying outlying buildings, even if the archers are better suited than them for that task.

As long as you do not fight against the evil faction, due to the vampiric creepers and flying bats ... They are one of the best, basic units to keep important chokepoints under control. But keep them protected with mantlets, shields against archers, who attack them from a distance. Once that is done, it's just a matter of time before the enemy troops are decimated.

Put simply: try to really use the resupplemented spears in numbers to your advantage, combined with a hight advantage.


  • Men-at-arms possess little health and they are susceptible to missile fire or prolonged close combat. They are also defenseless against the vampiric creeper's conversion ritual, after which they change side if their ritual is not interrupted.
  • Men-at-arms are killing pit fodder. Send them, before having heavy losses when you attack a well-defended castle, like Mordred's.


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