Action Quote Sound

Yes, sir!


Orders, sir?


Ready, sir.

My lord?

Men-at-arms ready.

New orders?

Ready and waiting.


Spear S1
Spear S2
Spear S3
Spear S4
Spear S5
Spear S6
Spear S7
Spear S8
Spear S9
Spear S10

Spears: forward!

Keep ranks!

Immediately, sir.

Yes, sir.

Of course, sire.

Moving, sir...

Close ranks!

Men-at-arms: forward!

Sir, yes, sir!

Moving out.

Spear M1
Spear M2
Spear M3
Spear M4
Spear M5
Spear M6
Spear M7
Spear M8
Spear M9
Spear M10
Invalid location

Are you sure, sir? We can't see a way!

Spear MC1
Marching At a double, sir!
Spear ML1
Aggressive stance Attack at will, sir!
Spear Aggressive
Defensive stance Defending ground, sir!
Spear Defensive
Stand ground Guards: ready, sir!
Spear Guard
Patrolling Patrol assigned, sir!
Spear Patrol
Open formation Open order, men!
Spear Open
Column formation Column formation, men!
Spear Column
Line formation Line formation, men!
Spear Line

No problem, sir!

Finish them off, men!

Let's be at them!

Spears at the ready!

Spear ATKW1shc2
Spear ATKW2shc2
Spear ATKW3shc2
Spear ATKW4shc2
Attacking heavy target

Keep your spears levelled, men!

Keep together, men!

Lord, protect us!

We'll try, sir!

Spear ATKS1shc2
Spear ATKS2shc2
Spear ATKS3shc2
Spear ATKS4shc2
Manning walls Men-at-arms: on the walls!
Spear MW1
Disband Standing down, sir.
Spear Disband1shc2
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