The mangonel is an all-round defense weapon that is placed atop of a tower and is operated by two engineers: one of them for reloading and the other to pull, then release the hurler. Catapulted rocks can incapacitate and knock back units with enormous force that they need to recover after a short time. Rocks can hit buildings, most of which can crumble from one hit. They are mildly effective against siege engines.

Mangonels can be ordered to attack a specific target or circular area within range, but they fire with great inaccuracy. They can be sited on any tower except for the lookout tower.


Mangonels can be used to stall enemy attacks, since their rocks knock back and stun enemies, while dealing damage. This can be used with particular effectiveness in terrains full of trees and water, since units landing They are a good obstruction for groups of mounted knights, who can lose their mount to only a handful of rocks in spite of having great speed. They are also useful for destroying nearby enemy buildings such as siege camps and neighbouring hostile farms.


Mangonels are a threat to friend and foe both. The rocks can hurt either player's properties and units, meaning that a badly targeted mangonel can cause severe losses if one does not pay attention.

Other threat comes from its immobility and limited placement. Mangonels pretty much depend on their tower, since a severely damaged tower may cripple in no time, sending its engine and staff into destruction. Also, when a mangonel's health is in the red, it needs to be disbanded and replaced in order to "regain" its health.

The mangonel is so inaccurate that it has problems hitting targets being close. Archers and other missile units may shoot without much problem at the device, provided they are not in a big group. Melee units scaling the tower means doomsday for the mangonel without proper defense.

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