The mangonel is an expensive all-round defense weapon that is placed atop of a tower. It catapults rocks into an area in short range, which can cause great collateral damage to anything they hit. Rocks can hit buildings close-by, most of which can crumble from one hit. Mangonels can be ordered to attack a specific target or circular area within range, but they fire with great inaccuracy.

Mangonels come with a huge wooden scaffolding that can be put over walls and some buildings. The hurling device cannot be directly destroyed, but it can be attacked by missiles and melee attacks: whittling down the scaffolding's integrity until its collapse. Mangonels can be repaired with the repair tool.


Mangonels come with a wooden platform that can be fit over walls. They can deal enormous damage to units with their rocks in an area but unable to damage any outlying buildings or structures. Rocks damage units through barricades and hoardings, so the mangonel's utility in defense is unmatched by most defense engines.


Mangonels are a threat to friend and foe both. The rocks can hurt either player's properties and units, meaning that a badly targeted mangonel can cause severe losses if one does not pay attention.

The mangonel is so inaccurate that it has problems hitting targets being close. Archers and other missile units may shoot without much problem at the device, provided they are not in a big group. Repeated replacements/repairs of a mangonel can prove costly.

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