Mantlets (also known as Portable shields) are mobile wooden structures used to protect units from incoming missile fire.


Shields are very agile and cheap structures with an arrow slit. Fellow units can shoot through it, but hostile ones cannot. Mantlets can also absorb many shots before they become unusable, so it is very good at protecting troops.

Mantlets are however very vulnerable to melee attacks, as they fall apart in no time when they are sliced into pieces. Their very small size means they can only protect small clusters of units, therefore many of them are needed to effectively protect groups of soldiers.

Mantlets in Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader can be placed on towers and walls, greatly increasing the defense of units standing there. In Stronghold 2, mantlets are erected in the siege camp.


A very effective way to siege a heavily-defended castle is rushing in multiple mantlets and ranged units into enemy archer range. The enemy will always or most often hit the mantlets so your own troops have time to work. Shields can well protect moat-diggers or units that remove enemy walls and towers.

Shields can be abandoned in the middle of a battle to construct another one. This is useful if you are low on money and cannot afford a high number of engineers, but more importantly it can also be used to save an engineer from a badly damaged shield. Abandoned shields still function as they would, however they lose their mobility when the engineer quits it.


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