General Information
Available in Stronghold 2
Usage Trading hub, allows trading
Cost free
Hotkey M

The market is an important trading hub and main building. The market allows trading in exchange for gold. Much like in real life, raw materials are traded in bulks, for a unit price. Different goods have different exchange rates, and the market will always set a higher price for making them available than in the case of buying up. When selling, the size of a bulk depends on how much of a particular resource is available for selling.

Stronghold 2 allows for partial buys, as well as 4x bulk sizes (by holding down 'Shift'). This allows the player to buy only parts of a bulk, when there is not enough money for the full bulk (i.e. it is possible to buy 4 wood, if 5 wood cannot be afforded), as well as buy and sell resources in much higher quantities.

In the case of raw materials: for a transaction to be completed, there must be enough space in the stockpile (when buying), or enough products (when selling). Additional stockpiles can be built (up to three) to provide more storage area. The armoury, Lord's Kitchen and granary can hold infinite resources.

The market has unlimited stock of all materials. The availbility of goods can vary however from mission to mission, at which point they cannot be bought or sold. Skirmish games always provide full access to goods.

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