General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Trading hub
Cost 300 wood
(Stronghold Legends)
300 wood, 100 gold
(Stronghold Crusader 2)

The market is a civilian building that allows automatic trading for the player. It is an expensive addition and unaffordable very early on in the game, however it can free up the player to do some other actions. Unlike some previous iterations, the market is not needed for general trade.

Much like the regular trading method, the market buys and sells products. It can be set on autosale or autobuy for a custom limit, for each resource. After setting, the game periodically checks the stocks around and immediately sells the excess amount/buys them up to a limit. When there is no gold available, the autobuy function is not used. The market ignores bulk size in its transactions.

Due to its high price, the market is a crucial target for defense. Still, losing it makes a very high loss not due to its utility, but rather for its investment.

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