Mercenary post
Mercenary tent
General Information
Available in Stronghold Crusader 2
Usage Recruiting mercenary units
Cost 100 gold
Hotkey N


The mercenary post allows to recruit from a wide number of versatile units. Mercenaries cost only gold and a peasant to hire, they need neither weapons, nor armour to equip.

Unlike the barracks, the mercenary post is built of wood, which makes it more susceptible to fire and it can spread flames around the perimeter.

List of mercenariesEdit

Unit Price Description

100 gold

200 honour

Stealth melee unit, can climb walls.
Horse Archer 80 gold Mounted cavalry, can shoot while moving.
Pictish Boat Warrior 40 gold Weak melee unit, can move on water.
Outlaw 60 gold

Ambush unit equipped with a javelin and spear.

Berserker 80 gold Fast attacker with a huge axe.
Axe Thrower 100 gold Short-ranged unit throwing powerful axes.

10 gold

50 honor

Camouflaged unit used for stealing gold.

40 gold

2 honor

Fast shock cavalry equipped with a spear.

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