Mercenary post
General Information
Available in Stronghold Crusader
Usage Recruiting Arabian mercenary units
Cost 10 wood
Hotkey N


The mercenary post allow to recruit Arabian units. Arabs have a wide range of unconventional military and siege tactics, who cost only gold and peasants to hire, no weapons or armour. Most Arab units are more expensive than their European counterparts though and therefore may be less affordable.

Unlike the barracks, the mercenary post is built of wood. Therefore the post is easier to destroy, but cheaper to build. It is also susceptible to fire and it can spread flames around the perimeter.

List of mercenariesEdit

Unit Price Description
Arabian Bowman 75 gold Long-ranged basic missile unit.
Slave 5 gold Weak unit, used for lighting up buildings and digging moats.


12 gold Weak ranged unit, uses a small slingshot.
Arabian Swordsman 80 gold Medium-armored, slow elite scimitar unit.
Fire Thrower 100 gold Short-ranged unit, lobs pots of Greek Fire on an area.
Assassin 60 gold Stealth melee unit, can climb walls.
Horse Archer 80 gold Mounted cavalry, can shoot while moving.


  • The assassin and fire thrower have faster movement speed when they are going to their assembly point. This can be used for the player's advantage in reinforcing situations.

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